Business objectives

In the area Total Productive Reliability and Maintenance, R & M, as a knowledge partner, assist the customer with time and cost-efficient information management and improved workprocedures.

Achieving the objectives is done with focus on the customer, by offering a full range of consultancy services including relevant products in the area R&M:
- Evaluation, Customer specification of Maintenance Management Systems.
- Improved Work Routines.
- Pre-Project Studies.
- Systemize Technical Information, handling of documentation.
- Pre-Project Studies.
- Systemise Technical Information, handling of documentation.
- Tailored Documentation.
- TIMEmethod, for Project and Information Management.
- Training & Education, Seminars and In-depth, both engineering and production personnel
- Validation/Revalidation activities.

Activities are normally carried out in a project organization; project members will be selected and decided in co-operation with customer.

Each consultant, project member has experience and background in R &M and is working as a knowledge consultant on the market