About LHC

My aim is to be a knowledge partner, this implies principally to market consultancy services.
Marketing of services and products is executed via on site activities, co-operative knowledge consultants, exhibitions and mailing.
My operation is a "niche", and therefore the big actors on the market have difficulties to be in a leading position in this segment.

Milestones and events during the years
During the last decades a lot has happened in the R & M area. Automation has increased dramatically; productivity is more focused on reliability of the plant than physical work done by the individuals. The market has reached an understanding and knowledge about systemized maintenance.
Asset management has done its entry; the principal of Just-In-Time has won many supporters. The demands for improved internal and external environments have been sharpened up. Development of new techniques is rapid.
An increased maturing for the computer as a tool has arisen.
Together with this development the fact that the enormous cost for investing in new plants will increase, the interest of controlling even increasing the technical lifetime and availability of existing investments.
In the future, capital management will be even more in focus. The home-market will expand now when have entered the European community. Competition will be even tighter and the competitors will do their very best to overtake technological advantages. All this included, states that no company can neglect to be cost-efficient. Systemized maintenance will be integrated with production and condition-based maintenance with total participation has done its entry.
Type of activities
The different types of assignments during this period can be described as follows:
- Design of Procedures and Methods in Maintenance Management
- Development of tailored documentation for operating Maintenance Management Systems
- Education and Training Reliability & Maintenance, On Site, National and International Seminars
- Preproject studies, Maintenance & Organization Best Practices.
- Specification & development & Implementation of Computerized Fixed Asset register.
- Specification & development & Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
- Specification and development of URS’s, Validation programs, routines and activities for GMP related installations
- Specification of extent & content’s for suppliers delivery of Technical Information and Documentation

The assignments during this period have often been carried out in several steps.